Format of the Event

The unconference will start at 3pm and run until 6pm. More details to follow shortly.

The main conference (6pm on) is about networking and hearing pitches from 5 up and coming startups.

Five startups have been selected to give a brief 5 minute presentation on their startup following which, a panel of 3 startup experts (see below) will ask 5 minutes of questions, and then the audience will ask questions and give 5 minutes of valuable feedback to the startup in an open forum format.

After the 5 presentations, tables are setup for any startup interested in presenting themselves and doing a demo of their products.

Note: Presenting companies have been selected from the list of attending startups. The panel of Gurus (Startup experts and VCs) have made their selections.

Event Agenda

3:00pm – 6:00pm Pre-Startup Camp - unconference format
6:00pm – Open for the main conference
6:30pm – Intro by MC
6:45pm – Keynote: Dave McClure
7:10pm – 1st Startup
7:25pm – 2nd Startup
7:40pm – 3rd Startup
7:55pm – Break
8:30pm - Announcements
8:45pm – Keynote: Andy Nulman
9:00pm – 4th Startup
9:15pm – 5th Startup
9:40pm – Wrap-up and prizes
9:50pm on – Networking and fun

Panel of 3 Experts

The following startup experts have accepted our invitation to ask each presenting Startup 5-minutes of questions after their presentations. The goal of this panel is to assure critical points are raised prior to the audience asking questions.

Dave McClure likes to hang out with entrepreneurs, and occasionally help or invest in their startups if they let him. Dave has been geeking out in Silicon Valley for over twenty years, and has worked with companies such as PayPal, Mint, Founders Fund, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twilio, Simply Hired, O'Reilly Media, Intel, & Microsoft. Many years ago he used to do real work like coding or marketing or running conferences, but these days he mostly does useless stuff like sending lots of email, blogging, and hanging out on Facebook and Twitter. Dave also likes to play ultimate frisbee when his knees don't hurt. read more
arsenault.jpg Chris Arsenault is an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. Lucky to have founded, co-founded or launched a few cool tech companies over the last 15 years, such as Info Media, SIT an early Netscape partner - (sold to Ubizen, then acquired by Verizon), Wanted Technologies (trading on TSXV), Copernic (acquired by, Up2 (a division of Teleglobe, now Tata Communications), and i5 (a division of Fido, now Rogers Communications). And now has the pleasure of working with an amazing team of investor entrepreneurs in Montreal, Calgary and New York. As Managing Partner of iNovia Capital, and editor of the CVCA Capital Rants Blog Chris has the opportunity of continuously meeting, and in some cases working very closely with, some of North America’s most respectable entrepreneurs..
ben.jpg Benjamin Yoskovitz is the CEO & co-Founder of Standout Jobs, a venture-backed startup founded in 2007. He's also a blog and social media consultant that can help you take your blogging and Web marketing to the next level. Although He does less and less consulting these days, feel free to get in touch. Ben has been an entrepreneur for 12+ years in the Web space, working extensively in web & software development. He's obsessed with creating things; fundamentally that’s what entrepreneurs do — they create “stuff.” He's also obsessed with customer service. read more

Presenting Startups

Slot 1 - Shwowp

Slot 2 - Nirvana

Slot 3 - Backfed

Slot 4 - SWIX

Slot 5 - Akoha

Startup Camp Montreal Language Policy

The language policy of Startup Camp Montreal is simple, and reflects Montreal’s bilingual heritage and cosmopolitan nature. Some of the attendees will not be from Montreal and may not speak French. However, individual speakers are permitted to present in either of the official languages in which they are most comfortable. It would be appreciated if any handouts and notes provided are in both official languages, though not required.

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