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This page is for all startups that want the opportunity to get up on stage and pitch their startup, or simply want a chance to win the trip to Asia with "Geeks On A Plane". The information below will be used to select the top 5 startups, so make your elevator pitch shine (note: less is more!).

Benefits of presenting at Startup Camp Montreal:

Visibility of course
Free coaching with local pitch experts
A chance to travel with Dave McClure to Asia on the next "Geeks on a plane" mission. Only one startup will be selected.

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Elevator Pitch: Imagine a personal assistant working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer the people who call you and execute your requests when you call. A personal assistant that understands your spoken commands and talks back to you to give you interactive voice access to your emails, calendar and contacts. It answers people who call you and filters them based on your status and the importance of the call to you. Excendia is a software solution offered as a service to provide safe mobility and enhanced productivity for business people on the road.

Stage: Product Ready
Persons attending: Bachir Halimi (Founder & CEO) / Gabor Barta (VP Sales & BusDev)

Cozimo Technologies

Elevator Pitch: Online real-time image and video collaboration.

Cozimo is an easy, cost-effective way for creative teams to get feedback and collaborate on visual media.

  • Review and markup images, videos, PDFs and documents from any web browser, anytime, anywhere.
  • Get to yes faster with live interactive meetings, review and collaboration sessions.
  • Stay organized with a complete, easy-to-find record of all project-related communications.

Stage: Privately Funded / Launched June 2008
Persons attending: Stuart Feldman (founder), Gijsbert de Haan (partner / cto) and Filippo Tampieri (partner)


Elevator Pitch: Surprise! Your new startup, featured on TechCrunch this morning, is apparently now in the business of male enhancement, thanks to an SQL injection bug. And it wasn't even in your code, it was in that sketchy third-party Wordpress module you used. Alarm clock rings, you wake up, your website is just fine, because you assessed it with Subgraph Vega and your developer was able to fix 18 identified security bugs three weeks ago, before you went live.

Vega is our free, open-source security assessment software specifically designed for web-applications that will be better than closed-source, commercial alternatives. Regulatory compliance is the number one driver for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, but there are many others who will find value in Vega: startups with no resources, governments and non-profits with limited budgets, and students/researchers who will use the tool to perform diabolical experiments in the computer lab.

The two Montreal-based founders of Subgraph each have over 10 years of experience building commercially successful security technology and analyzing security flaws of every imaginable kind. We're going to write awesome software that's totally, completely free for you to use and build on, no matter who you are.

Stage: Bootstrap
Persons attending: David Mirza Ahmad / Bruce Leidl (founders)


Elevator Pitch: Agile project management for everyone. Plan and track your projects online. Planio extends agile concepts beyond development to include other functions such as marketing and sales.
Stage: Beta launched, looking for smart people and funding
Person attending: Martin Drapeau (CEO & co-founder)


Elevator Pitch: Nirvana is an advanced, cloud-based GTD (Getting Things Done) action management and project collaboration hub. With an acute emphasis on usability and speed, Nirvana is accessible from anywhere via desktop web browsers and next generation mobile web devices. Based on the best-selling book and methodology "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, Nirvana fills a void in a space that is currently full of silo'ed desktop and mobile apps that require constant syncing to be of any use. Nirvana has cultivated a thriving community of beta users with active participants from over a dozen countries, providing feedback, peer-assistance, and offers to extend the service via our forthcoming APIs, feeds, webhooks and community contributed theming and internationalization/translation initiatives. The Nirvana infrastructure has been built to scale up to levels that will support a "freemium" model with a large proportion of trial accounts existing alongside premium (paid) user accounts.

Stage: Privately Funded with 10,000 Beta Users and growing fast. Signup with invite code: startupcampmtl
Persons attending: Elbert McLaughlin (founder/engineering lead) and Christiane Magee (product and community development)


URL: Available at demo
Elevator Pitch: Rootza is an Interactive Search Term Generator and Search Tool that is innovatively designed to achieve more focussed and accurate search terms and results on the www whilst also having the potential to become a social, educational or business networking tool. As an information seeking tool, Rootza solves many www search problems by: providing visualization of connections and relationships with topics or phrases; a 'starting point search term' for users through/by organic generation from the users input of a topic or search term. RootZa finds relationships between topics and terms - it will even present relationships that the user didn't know they exist. RootZa also automatically generates and populates its own database of topics and phrases whilst automatically forming their relationships. The search terms and phrases saved in the database, are automatically generated subjects from any arena whether it be academic, professional or anything of general human interest.

Stage: Finished product - At the moment, we are exploring avenues.
Persons attending: Victoria Redfern - Inventor and owner of Inc.


Elevator Pitch Sokanu is a Web 3.0 company aimed at helping youth aged 16-24 find their passion in life. We aim to revolutionize and modernize the career counseling path. With a social networking platform layered with a "social learning-engine" we help take individuals from step 1 (no clue what they want to do in life) to step 20 (finding their purpose in life and matching that with a personal career path)
Stage: Bootstrapping, Private Alpha, Fundraising for Angel Financing
Person Attending: Spencer Thompson


Elevator Pitch: Talker is a group chat application that improves team workflow while keeping everyone up to date.
Stage: Acquired by Teambox in April.
Person attending: Gary Haran and Marc-André Cournoyer


Elevator Pitch: Woodstream helps plastic processors reduce their exposure to oil price fluctuations and transition to environmentally-friendly and cost-effective new materials. We manufacture and sell high-performance Wood-Plastic Composites to the consumer, construction, and transportation sector. These materials are made out of scrap wood and recycled plastic, making it a sustainable and viable replacement to oil-based plastics.
Stage: Bootstrapping, negotiating pricing with initial customer, looking for Seed Financing ($300K).
Person attending: Julian Ilson

Quantum Whisper

Elevator Pitch: Did you know that 64% of software features are either rarely or never used? That means, on a $1M dollar R&D budget — 640K goes up in smoke! Contributing factors include:

  • Lack of fact based evidence reduces priority to guess work and subjective opinion
  • Product managers should make routine onsite customer visits —- but have neither the time nor the budget

Our mission is to establish a bona fide link between customer demand (feedback), product management and product development. Quantum Whisper provides product managers with actionable information supported by market evidence (facts) to ensure that product management is market-driven and that development is prioritized for profit.

The product is commercially available and is generating subscription revenue.

Stage: Looking for smart money to support growth
Person attending: Barry Paquet, Founder

2XM Labs

Elevator Pitch: 2XM Labs transforms the retail experience through innovative touch-based interactive digital signage solutions, mobile phone interaction, IT integration, and augmented reality. We give our retail clients the ability to uniquely engage their customers and potential buyers at the point of sale, showcase products interactively, and intelligently integrate their brand into social media and mobile devices. 2XM Labs ties a brand's brick and mortar stores to its online presence, leveraging high-traffic retail locations and enabling powerful "360 degrees" promotional campaigns.
Stage: Prototype ready, looking for angel Series A financing
Person attending: Antoine Azar, CEO; Nebojsa Petrovic, Software Developer


Elevator Pitch: Backfed is a conspiracy to rewire the Music Economy. Backfed is building an open fan-to-artist payment platform and API that will enable music fans to pay (backfeed) any amount, to any artist. On this platform, we (and others) will build applications that will enable backfeeders to support their favorite artists, contribute to their career, assuage their download-guilt, and brag about it across their social media presence. Ultimately we want the Backfed ecosystem to grow and become the building blocks of a Music Economy where artists stop selling units of content and start selling context, and where fans stop being consumers and can collectively become patrons of their favorite artists.
Stage: Ex. Incorporated; Bootstrapped; Looking for tech partners and seed funding
Person attending: David Dufresne


Elevator Pitch: Artfox connects Art and Entertainment professionals through projects allowing them to network, exchange and expand their professional opportunities.
Stage: Looking for series A funding
Person attending: Raphael Ettore, Hugo Duncan


Elevator Pitch:A customer empowerment platform providing shoppers innovative and easy to use tools to gather, manage and share purchase data as well as track how they influence others. In sum: We are a consuming society. The purchasing choices we make are directly related to how we define ourselves as individuals. It’s not so much what, how much, or where that is powerful, but rather why we buy the things we do. By enabling everyone to gather and share their purchases openly, but most importantly by allowing them to share and define “why”, we believe that we can enable change in consuming behaviors ultimately empowering shoppers and thus, affecting retail as a whole.
Stage:incorporated, working on prototype, looking for seed funding
Person attending: co-founding team; Tara Hunt, Jerome Paradis, Cassandra Girard


Elevator Pitch: Viion, a homeland security company, has developed and patented a technology that can detect terrorists and other persons of interest in airports and other public venues. This technology is now being productized and has generated interest with multinational security companies, governments and international airports. The product, scheduled for release in 2011, will tap into the evergrowing global physical security market, estimated at USD 8 billion. Viion is currently commercializing other security solutions and has generated revenues in the sub-1 million range for its last fiscal year.
Stage: Looking for series A funding
Person attending: Brett Beranek, VP Sales & Marketing

Elevator Pitch: takes the concept of Chatroulette and brings it to the world of dating. We make online dating the way it should be; real-time, face-to-face and exciting. has been featured on Mashable, AOL, The Huffington Post and Killerstartups.
Stage: Launched/ Looking for series A funding
Person attending: Greg Isenberg, Aaron Blauer


Elevator Pitch: The Google Docs for Rockstars: helping musicians write together, from wherever, with whoever. Focusing on helping amateur bands come together from afar, make the most of their downtime, and stay together when a member moves. We're also building white-label solutions for established, professional musicians to bring their fans together into a creative community.

Stay tuned for the bombshell, to be announced onstage: how YouPhonics' solutions offer an innovative entry into a $3B market…

Stage: In development (w/demo); launching Apr. 29
Person attending: Aidan Nulman


Intro Video
Elevator Pitch:giftiniti is a real-time social shopping application focused on helping shoppers leverage the inherent value of their social graph to make better and smarter shopping decisions. Giftiniti is a shopping platform that uses “Social Intelligence” to influence online purchasing decisions.
Stage: beta launched, privately funded, seeking first round funding
Person attending: The founding team

Linus Shops

Elevator Pitch:Linus Shops inc. is the parent company under which several online-only retail stores operate. Our goal is to provide Canadian consumers with more options when it comes to their online shopping needs.
Stage: Launched
Person attending: Amin Sawaf

Babebleur Mobile

Elevator Pitch: Babeleur Mobile provides mobile food ordering solutions to leverage the traditional way to take orders to the mobile channel. Our clientele are franchise fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza, Subway, Burger King, etc. Our mission is to provide solutions for restaurateurs, which will leverage their traditional way to take orders, promote targeted marketing, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue. It also provides diners a new dining experience with the opportunity of ordering food simply using their fingertips when they are on the go.
Stage: Prototype is ready, looking for Angel Series A financing
Person attending: Zhiyi (Stephen) Wei, Founder

Crowdreel Inc

Elevator Pitch: Crowdreel delivers real-time access to the images posted on Twitter and lets you search, share and add context to pictures in your existing Twitter network. Nearly half a million images are posted on Twitter daily. What's missing is an effective, relevant way to sort through it all. Crowdreel collects content from sites such as Twitpic and organizes it all in one place. The result is a mashup of Google Images and the social network feel of Facebook.
Stage: Bootstrapped and Launched on March 29th, 2010
Person attending: Jeff Brenner and Peter Kieltyka


Elevator Pitch: Itteco cloud sources software and web development. It's AWS of outsourcing. Think big development house, comprised of small talented distributed dev teams into Google-like flat organizational structure. Think eLance and oDesk with service level guaranteed by the house. Our platform is designed for collaboration. Each project receives a dedicated server for highest security. Just generate a batch of workload and put it into a cloud for development. Top it up with extra social tweaks to share knowledge and get devs and customers interconnected. Itteco is not a bidding marketplace - your startup deserves a better start.
Stage: Private Beta
Person attending: Ivan Paramonau & Pavel Kartautsau


Elevetor Pitch: In 7 words: Like an inbox for your other stuff!. - The new breed of App Stores, Tablets, Smartphones and Smartbooks will kill the classic "computer file". The consumer is no longer expected (or even allowed) to choose filenames, mess around in a folder tree or stress about backups. New data is increasingly becoming a transparent service, an abstract puff in the cloud… but each data island is still scattered accross services and too often isolated. We want to bring together all your scattered data in a big sandbox and let you play without restrictions: Move it from service X to Y, combine it, re-purpose it, feed it to new Apps, transform it, have your friend glue their own stuff to yours.
Stage: Early Google App-Engine prototype, looking for Angel partner (financing, coaching, involvement)
Person attending: Mathieu Sylvain, Marc Philips


Elevetor Pitch: BESTSPEC is working to integrate robotics into the inspection and maintenance of in-service wind turbine structures. By doing so the costs and risks associated with this type of maintenance can be greatly reduced.

Our current product is a robotic inspection tool which can be used to locate damage on a wind turbine blade. This tool is capable of autonomous movement and can navigate the blade while making a detailed photographic record of all visible damage sites.

Stage: Prototype phase, looking for development partners
Persons attending: Co-Founders Marc Lallemand & Vahid Mirjalili


Elevator Pitch: Schedmatic will allow anyone to optimize their team's schedules automatically instead of trying to
manually peg everyone's complex preferences, qualifications, seniorities and limitations to square schedules with hard constraints and shift requirements, easily through the web. A lead nurse can come to the site, and 10 minutes later have a schedule so all shifts are covered for next week while accommodating her team members' preferences and fulfilling all hospital rules, something that takes her at least an hour at the moment. This valuable service will save hours of tedious work for doctors, shift managers at McDonalds, restaurant managers, …

Stage: Very early prototype, looking for funding.
Persons attending: Éric St-Jean


Elevator Pitch: ZeGenie is the solution for today's students who are lost in a tired education system. By providing interactive and animated basic sciences lessons online via a subscription model, ZeGenie will become the premier community and online study space for high-school students everywhere. Product of 3 years of hard-work and self-funding, we have developed a lean and interactive e-learning platform (in Flash) which supports 2D & 3D animation, lipsync-ing, video, audio, simulations etc. and have access to high-quality content (i.e. basic sciences for senior high-school grades). Now it's time to bring the whole thing together to make it happen.

Stage: Prototype complete, looking for little funding to develop online content, subscription website, marketing
Person attending: Ramez Rafla, founder


*Elevator Pitch** : If time is your greatest asset, Tempus-Rex is for you. Lawyers, accountants, consultants or service professionals who use a BlackBerry will never miss an opportunity to capture time. Whether for billing or customer credibility, any phone call, e-mail, agenda item or activity that crosses the BlackBerry is captured by T-Rex as it happens. All captured time is stored and achieved securely at where it can be viewed, sorted, and downloaded.

Stage: Open for business as of April 16, 2010.
Person attending: Don Joyce, Managing Partner

Elevator Pitch : delivers unforgettable moments at worldwide sport events. We offer members of a large community of sports and travel fans the chance to travel around the world, share their passion for sport and create cultural exchanges.

Stage: Beta version launched on April 2nd, 2010. Fundraising for Angel Financing.
Person attending: Gary Ravaz (Founder), Laurent Charra (IT Director)


Elevator Pitch: SWIX is an app for social media marketers and it does three things really well…

1) SWIX tracks engagement stats across all your social media properties and presents them in one unified dashboard.
2) SWIX helps you calculate basic Social Media ROI for production and resources costs.
3) SWIX allows you to create beautiful customized reports that are easily shared.

In short, SWIX gives social media marketers, actionable data to help them do their jobs.

Stage: Privately Funded / Launched Beta - Jan 2010 - Growing by 1000+ users a month
Person attending: Scott Lake (founder / ceo) and Craig Fitzpatrick (vp products)

Akoha Inc.

Elevator Pitch: Akoha is a Montreal-based social media company that leverages the Web and mobile technologies to encourage people to embrace and share special moments that make life a little more awesome. Akoha offers an abundance of real-world activities designed to invite people to discover life's special moments, to capture them, and to share them with friends.

Stage: Privately Funded / Launched March 9 2010
Person attending: Austin Hill (founder / ceo) and Alex Eberts (vp products)


Elevator Pitch: Allerta designs and builds intelligent accessories for smartphones that leverage the dataplan you carry around in your pocket. First product: inPulse smartwatch for Blackberry - a sleek OLED watch, connected to your phone by Bluetooth, instantly alerts you new email/SMS/calls/BBM. More products are in the pipeline, and Allerta is growing an ecosystem of devices around a patent-pending communication protocol.

Stage: Shipping product in May, hiring embedded programmers/mobile developers
Person attending: Eric Migicovsky (founder) and Rahul Bhagat (marketing)


Elevator Pitch: Nostral is involved in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software development.
We synthetize analog circuit design for fabless/chipless IP provider in the semiconductor industry.
Our approach is based on optimization, providing fast solutions to the known hard problem faced by analog design engineer named transistor sizing.
This technology is specification driven so it accelerate by fold these 3 kind of tasks:

1)Easy migration of designed circuit from fab-to-fab or from node-to-node (technology geometry: from 0.25um to 130nm)
2)Fast & reliable feasibility study, driven by specifications for variety of analog blocks
3)Better circuit robustness resulting in higher fabrication yield.

Stage: Alpha version launched on Jan 1st, 2010.
Person attending: Hugues Langlois (founder)


Elevator Pitch: Factyle’s Speedreader allows you to see the contents of any text without reading it in its entirety. Get immediately the highlights and important concepts of blog posts, pdf docs, emails and share them with your network. It’s like a movie trailer, for text. Try our demo at:
Stage: Beta launched, Looking for funding
Person attending: Temo Chalasani (founder), Romain Paulais


Elevator Pitch: ArtAnywhere is putting art to work by connecting local artists with local businesses. We put up PopUp! Gallery (temporary original art exhibitions) in unused, empty or underused areas within businesses. The art is free to see for a 60 day exhibit and available for sale on our website. We democratize art by giving emerging professional artists space to exhibit and working people a chance to see, learn about, appreciate and buy locally made original art.
Stage: Beta
Person attending: Julian Haber (co-founder / ceo), Raymond Luk (co-founder)


Elevator Pitch: SoftCity is a social commerce website where software developers, users and experts interact to build profitable relationships- so that everyone benefits from the experience in the form of knowledge, recognition and cash.
Stage: Privately Funded / Launching
Person attending: Marc-Antoine Ross (Co-Founder), Blaise Rabaud (Co-Founder & CEO)


Elevator Pitch: AlsaMarketing is a SAAS based B2B marketing automation platform geared towards Marketing directors, VP or owner of SME wanting to improve their lead management, nurturing, scoring tactics and get real actionable data from their marketing campaigns. AlsaMarketing marketing automation platform concentrates on providing real actionable data to marketers
Stage: Looking for launch funding.
Person attending: Alexandre Sagala (Founder)


Elevator Pitch: keenkong helps brands, media companies, NGOs turn social media conversations into actions. Based on proprietary Natural Language Processing, keenkong's web-based dashboard automagically categorizes social media conversations according to topic and intentions.
Stage: private beta launched Q1 2010, looking for additional funding
Person attending: Olivier Berger (CEO), Frederic Guarino (CMO)

Elevator Pitch: enhances your existing calendar.Get your personal profile and custom URL to display your availability, and let others schedule meetings with you (without having to sign up).Choose your availability, who you share your page with and when meetings get booked. No more back and forth. in addition to SAAS has a portable widget, iPhone and Blackberry applications.
Stage: Venture Backed / Launched September 2009
Person attending: Marc Gingras (Founder & CEO), Jonathan Levitt (Vice President, Marketing), Richard Zeidel (Vice President, Strategic Alliances), Jacou Sarrazin (Dir. Prod Management)

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